Epic Little WarGame: A Fun and Interesting Little Strategy Game

Rubicon (the developer) managed to create an entire community around the War Game series and now they are charming us with their fourth installment – the Epic Little WarGame. It’s the same idea, but presented in an epic way!

The game is available for Android and iOS devices, but can also be downloaded from Steam. Unlike most games today, this is not a freemium version so you won’t have the possibility to move ahead by buying stuff with real money. However, if you are a fan of the game, you may feel more challenged to actually play the game. You won’t be sorry for trying, since, according to reviews from tons of passionate fans, the game doesn’t disappoint!

Epic Little WarGame

The Gameplay

Epic Little WarGame is a turn-based strategy game that managed to transform the idea of war and battle into a fun, relaxing action the entire family can enjoy.  The action is simple but the characters and action are peppered with humor and adrenaline.

The battle is usually held between two teams: the blue guys (which are also the good guys) and the red guys (the enemy). The final goal is to blow up the enemy base camp and win the rewards. The fun part is that you can choose to battle against a real friend or you can play the computer in single-player campaigns. There is also a skirmish mode where you can mix and match between human and computer opponents (max 6 players).

Each battle is held on a pre-set map where you can use the advantages offered by the terrain which plays a major role in your strategy. Maps are usually pre-built, but Epic Little WarGame also gives you the possibility to build a custom map that will fit your needs. And finally, the game offers an abundance of fighting unit types, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

To spice up things, Rubicon decided to introduce new elements that are not present in any of the past series. Thus, now you have to gather resources and build your own base which is nice as it gives you something else to do besides battling. Another new setting is that your units won’t be running out of ammunition now so the pacing of the game is a lot faster (and better).

Main Features

Since Epic Little WarGame is pretty similar to the other version at first sight, let’s take a look at the features that make it such a great game:

  • The presentation is vivid and the graphics are quite challenging for the user who likes to play advanced games. The cartoony style, the humorous voice, and the funny General who acts like a complete food are trademarks of the series but it’s difficult to get bored with them.
  • Users have the possibility to learn about battle tactics and strategy in the single player mode which is a really nice way to learn the game.
  • You won’t get bored as there are lots of missions that can be played in single player mode
  • There is a map generator that allows you to create your own version of a battle scene
  • Due to the skirmish mode you can play co-op missions
  • Epic Little WarGame comes with a wide range of battlefields like mountain valleys, jungles, cliff tops, and you can choose the type of weather you want (hot or really cold). Just like in real-life, your team can use the terrain and the environment to their tactical advantage.
  • Users are completely free to use any tactics they wish which is another huge advantage for a war game.

At the end of the day, ELWG (Epic Little WarGame) is quite interesting to play. It comes with a wide range of choices in terrain, units, weapons, maps, and other settings and it spices things up with humor and good graphics. It is well-designed and follows the rule of a war: no strategic approach is forbidden. As a player you are free to use your own imagination and create maps, deploy strategies, and fight the battle following your own rules.

So, if you want a fun but challenging game that won’t bore you to death after a few hours, ELWG is definitely the best choice!